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Our Values

These are the values that define our business, product development philosophy and our delivery process.

Empower Teams

We consider "Teams" as the number ONE source of continuously improving the agile initiatives through the notion of "inspect and adapt". Through our apps and process, we help the teams to follow the notion of : making more-informed decisions, gathering full-team insights & giving team members the ownership of their decisions. We follow Play, as a TEAM prinicipal.


"Technical skill is mastery of complexity, while creativity is mastery of simplicity."
-- Erik Christopher Zeeman.
The art of maximizing the amount of work not done is essential. We believe in promoting sustainable development. The sponsors, developers, and users should be able to maintain a constant pace indefinitely.

Respond to Change

Over 60% of product or project requirements change during the development. Agile methodologies are based on the knowledge that, in order to succeed, they must plan to change. That is why we believe in reviews and retrospectives, that helps us shift priorities regularly based on our customer feedback.

Planning Poker for JIRA

Play scrum poker with an incredible ease and awesome user experience. Seamless and intuitive game play across the globe.

How to Play??

Once the plugin has been successfully installed, you will see a new menu item 'Poker' in the top navigation and the sprint actions menu in backlog view

Create / Edit Game

Choose from the given set of filters to narrow down the issues for the game. Enter name and description that describes the game and you are set to go. For the sake of simplicity, once you setup the game you can play it perpetually. There is not limit to the number of issues. Issues are pulled into the game based on whatever filter you setup at the start of the game.
Custom JQL
Games List

Search Games

Game list view shows most recently added or updated games. User can search a game by name. A game can be in preparing, paused or started state. User can simply join the game either as a host or a player by simply clicking on 'Join' button.

Player Roster

The player screen show all the players in the game. Each card reflects real time status, player name and role (host or player). When the game host clicks on 'Begin Pointing' button, all players are automatically taken to the story pointing section.

Game Play

This is the main hub, the poker table if you will. You can see the dealer (game host) and all the players with their real time status. Once everyone have chosen a point value (by clicking the corresponding card), the cards flip over and an average number (rounded to nearest fibonacci number) appears as the estimate value for that round of the game. The game is locked as soon as all the votes are in or host forces the vote. Anybody can change their vote until the game is locked. The Scrum master(game host) can reset/edit the story estimate value. The host can force flip, move to next/previous story in the game or search a story by its summary/description.

Notifier - Email & Feedback Collector

"Notifier" helps create visibility & gather timely feedback using fully customizable email templates.

How to configure Notifications ?

Notifications Steps

User can set up a notification in 3 easy steps : When > What > Who.

Wizard Steps
Step 1: When - Specify the criteria that triggers the notification.

Step 2: What - Create flexible, informative and beautiful email templates or use the existing ones.

Step 3: Who - Simply set recipients by providing their email addresses.

Custom Email Templates

Email templates depend on the fields available for issue types. You can select from a wide variety of fields. Issue fields or custom fields can be used in the email body or even in the subject for customizing the templates.

Create Email template
User can pre populate templates using samples or clone an existing template to create a copy of the template. Based on the fields present in the email template, it shows the issue type(s) it is linked with.
Create Email template

Preview Email Templates

Templates can be easily previewed before sending a notification. The preview is generated using the project and issue type linked with the template. Here is a quick sample.

Preview Email Template

Custom Email Server Configuration

User can easily configure custom smtp server for sending notifications to the team members and clients.

Given below are simple steps to configure the smtp server.

  • 1. Choose > System.
  • 2. Look for 'Notifier Configuration' under Advanced in left navigation.
  • 3. Enter your mail server details.
  • 4. Click 'Test & Save'.

Niko Calendar - Team Happiness Tracker

Niko Calendar, also known as smiley calendar or happiness index, is a tool to track your team's mood. Niko-niko is a Japanese term for smiling.

The plugin "Niko Calendar" gives your team a platform to track happiness and improve your team's productivity and well being. Take a look at this publication "Happy Workers Are More Productive". It shows that happier people are approximately 12% more productive. Using this plugin is as simple as pasting a digital sticker(smiley face) on the Niko Calendar. After the data builds up in few weeks, the team can see some color being more dominant, giving some insight to teams mood. It is a good idea to take a look at Niko Calendar during retrospective meetings. The plugin can bridge gaps between geographically distributed teams by providing insights into remote team's mood.

My happiness tracker

User can track their day to day moods with a single click. Easy to use calendar view provides visualization for upto one year of past data.

Analyze the team happiness

"Niko calendar" is a great opportunity for a team to reflect on its morale, motivation and productivity. Open conversation and retrospection can work wonders and transform teams. Visibility is the key to agility. This plugin makes it easy to spot emotional well being of the team, which is otherwise very elusive and hard to track.
Interactive and powerful analytics give team a platform to discover hard to find motivation issues and increase teams productivity.

Privacy Policy


We respect your privacy and do not give away collected personal information. We may use the collected information to improve our services.

Terms and Scope

On this page, "we" means Designextech LLC. "You" means the visitor of our public websites, or the end-user of our public service, or the end-user of our product, or the legal entity who is the licensee or the user of our product or service - as applicable to the subject matter. This privacy policy applies to both personal information (which can be attributed to a specific individual) and non-personal information that are collected by us on our websites or in our products.

Data Collected on our Website

Any data that is collected by "The Agile Games" JIRA addon is only used for the indicated purposes. With the exceptions listed below, we will never give away any personal information including your e-mail address to any third party. We collect anonymous plugin usage statistics. We also use HTTP cookies to collect the information about how you navigate through our web site. We use that information to improve our web site usability and the cookies are anonymous, i.e. they are not linked with the data that you enter into forms on the website. You can safely disable cookies on our website. We use Google Analytics to collect detailed statistics and help us understand how you use our web sites. Google Analytics uses cookies and other means to transfer some information about how you're using our websites to Google servers. Details are available in Google Analytics Terms of Service.

Update and License Checks

Our products may periodically check for available updates or verify license validity by connecting to our servers. As a part of update/license checks, some information may be transferred to us: (i) versions of the product, platform, operating system, or host product (such as JIRA), (ii) details of the currently used license for our product and some details of the license for the host product (this may include SEN and Server ID for JIRA license). The license keys are never transferred, so your license cannot be recreated or used elsewhere. We may use this information for analysis, verification and support of the end users. We may contact a technical contact person in your company with advisories regarding application support and licensing, based on this information.

Anonymous Usage Statistics Our products may have an option to collect usage statistics and transfer it to our servers, to allow us improve the future versions of the product. The information transferred does not contain any personally identifiable information. Products that have this capability also have a configuration option to turn off the statistics collection.


The collected information may be disclosed only in the following cases:
  • - if we are required to do so by law;
  • - if Designextech LLC is merged or sold to another company.


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